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1. Do I have to provide my own hair?


No, Premier Lush provides hair extensions and lace for wigs however, we do offer a provide your own hair wig making service

2. What is the turn around time?


Due to high demand, our turn around time has increased. Your unit will be completed and shipped within 14 - 18 business days of your hair being received (if you provide your own bundles) AND if you order a wig online. Wigs ship the same day if the wig is titled "Ready to ship."




If you are providing your own hair, customers book their unit service by paying the $50 deposit on the "Provide your own Hair" page. After this purchase is made, clients receive a link with a mailing address and next steps. If you purchase a wig directly from the site, it will be a custom fit wig according to your head size. If you purchase a Ready to Ship wig, please order the wig that best aligns with your head measurements to ensure an accurate fit and the wig will ship within 24 hours.


4. Will my closure or frontal be customized?


Yes! All closures and frontals are plucked, bleached, etc.

5. How do I know which address to send to if I provide my own hair?


After you confirm your unit order, you will be provided an address to send your hair.


6. Can Premier Lush provide the hair?




7. What are the prices for Wigs?

Wig prices vary based on length and style. Provide your own hair services begin at $200 and the price will increase for coloring.


8. How can I contact Premier Lush?


On the home page, scroll down and you should see a contact box :)


9. What is the return and refund policy?


Premier Lush does not accept returns on hair unless you have spoken to the owner directly and she instructs you to return the hair. ALL WIG ORDERS ARE NONREFUNDABLE. If there is an issue with the lace or hair, Premier Lush can replace the lace and bundles or reconstruct a new wig.


10. How should I maintain my hair?


Feel free to condition your hair as often as you feel necessary. Luxe Butta conditioner is suggested. Do not overload your bundles with a product. Luxe Gloss is suggested if you are looking to style your bundles and add shine. Avoid towel drying bundles, t-shirts help restore curls and patterns. Allowing bundles to air dry is also a plus. It is best to style curly bundles when wet. I hope this helps!

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